Highway Tips
Driveways and Aprons
 The blocks on this apron are flush with the road, but the edging blocks should not reach the roadway since plows will come into contact with them.
 This is a proper apron for a gravel driveway.
Door Hanger Cards
When Highway personnel notice a property issue, they will leave a door hanger card for the homeowner.  Please take note of the issue marked on the back of the card, and call the Highway Department at the number on the front of the card to discuss ways to remedy the situation.
Highway Tips for Homeowners and Businesses
*  Belgian block driveways should be flush with the roadway
*  Gravel driveways should have an apron that helps to contain any loose gravel.  Before installing an apron, please see the Highway Superintendent to obtain a permit.
*  When mowing your lawn, please blow grass clippings off the roadway so as not to impede the flow of runoff water into storm drains.  Grass clippings that go down storm drains add harmful nitrogen to the water supply, so please either mulch your clippings or bag and remove them.
*  Keep any vegetation from encroaching onto the Town right-of-ways.
Thank you for your cooperation!
 These grass clippings are clogging a storm drain and should be blown off the road.